Various Artists: TACHYON SERVICE PACK 1 (maxi LP)

(tachyon 011)

Exclusive collection of 20 singles from former Tachyon´s releases. Enjoy the real spirit of Tachyon.
With beautiful cover by Lucia K. Lojková.

226 MB, 99 min.


01. Nach After: PAULINE
02. The Next One: AXIOM
03. Soul Bliss Productions: RAINBOW FADING
04. room101: TRINSTITUTED OVER (feat. Jacque Fresco)
05. Efko: KNAPKNAF
06. Mandy Edge & Soul Bliss Productions: HALFWAY TO HEAVEN
07. Bucaneve: OCEANO
08. Martin Albrecht & Michal Kochanik: NIGHT SONG (feat. Bodka)
09. The Next One: AURAL AFFAIR 2
10. Nach After: SUNRISE
11. Sa Zobud: NAD OBLOHOU
12. room101: THROUGH
13. Soul Bliss Productions: THE SUN IN A VIAL
14. The Next One: RECALL
15. Nach After: EYESR2C
16. Effendorf: GESTAPO
17. Nach After: AS ABOVE SO BELOW
18. Nach After vs. room101: COLOURS (room101 PTHTC RMX)
19. room101 & Michal Harish: TRIANGULARITY (with Michal Harish on sitar)
20. The Next One vs. Mandy Edge & Soul Bliss Productions: NEVER FIND LOVE (remixed by The Next One)


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