adam balusik: TIESŇAVA

(tachyon 032)



Outstanding piano release by adam balusik on tachyon netlabel. The collection of various original compositions contains 19 original songs (and two more bonus tracks available on, also for free). Some pieces are fragile and melodic, with chill atmosphere (“rosa” , “marec”, “vedieť to povedať (slovami)”), some of them are filled with a kind of dramatic aura (“vietor ti tancoval vo vlasoch”, “úžina I,II,III”), some are just beautiful experimental, brutal masterpieces (“tiene ako skutočné”, “tiesňava”, “viem, že sa vrátiš”). Raw performance, raw sound, raw feelings, raw experience.
Listen or download, enjoy, and share this beautiful, free piano release, one of the best ever released on our netlabel.

72 min., 320 kb/s MP3 in 165MB folder.


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